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By Nimbus

Are all accountants boring?

November 24, 2011 | By |

No, is the simple answer, but grey is an accountant’s favourite colour!

There are two types of accountant, your traditional accountant and your modern accountant.

The traditional accountant is the one that you see once a year. You generally sit in their office and you discuss what happened to your business during the last year. These accountants offer little tax advice or financial planning and are more often than not more costly than a modern accountant. These traditional accountants do no more than look back and assist with your statutory requirements. They will not offer any advice on system improvements, business strategy ideas and believe their fees are justified by their qualification, rather than adding any value to your business.

The modern accountant will offer their clients fixed fees, detailing everything they will include, so you don’t get an unexpected bill. The modern accountant will have continuous communication with you, monthly or quarterly, keeping up to date with everything that is happening within your business. By liaising with you on a monthly/quarterly basis they can offer on going tax and business advice. Your modern accountant will also help with system development, making sure you are working efficiently. The modern accountant will supply you with management accountants that are meaningful and will help you set budgets. The modern accountant will work with online accounting software, not a spreadsheet. The modern accountant will complete all the statutory requirements within their fixed fee and help with strategic decisions. The modern accountant will add value to your business and help you grow.

What type of accountant do you currently have? What type of accountant do you now want? Do you know where to find a modern accountant? Have you heard of Nimbus Accounting?

Nimbus accounting only employs modern accountants! We are committed to our customers and make sure their businesses grow and prosper. We have offices covering Brighton & Hove and Worthing, but act for clients all over theUK. Call us to see how different we are, you’ll be surprised at our fresh approach to accountancy.