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The benefits of using a qualified accountant

July 8, 2012 | By |

There is increasing concern in the accounting world about the number of unqualified accountants. The Institute of Chartered Accountants have listened to their members and produced a brochure which highlights the benefits of using a qualified accountant, over one of our unqualified counterparts.

All our accountants at Nimbus Accounting have undergone rigorous training to obtain their professional qualifications and have to maintain it with continuing professional development. You can be assured that the advice you receive from Nimbus Accounting is the best available.

ICAEW “Don’t take a chance with your finances”

If you have doubts about your current accountant, or just want the reassurance of the “gold standard” in the accounting world, why don’t you pick up the phone and give Nimbus Accounting a call on 01273 782 742.