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Do you need a local accountant?

November 11, 2011 | By |

With the advances in modern technology, do you need an accountant who is local? We have offices covering Brighton, Hove and Worthing, but we service clients all over the UK. How is this possible and why do clients not need to sit in our office any more?

To start with, the cost of visiting your accountant is more than you would think. There is the time taken to travel to your accountant, travel expenses and that formal meeting will probably be added to your annual accountant’s bill.

How does Nimbus Accounting eliminate these costs? We encourage a proactive dialogue between the accountant and client. We have turned the traditional accountant’s model on its head by contacting our clients on a monthly bases, to discuss the future rather than the conventional annual meetings where the accountant reviews historic data.

How can you get the same feeling of being in the office and having the full attention of your accountant, Skype! Skype is a great communication tool, not only can you chat to your accountant but you can see then too, something that is obviously missing when you speak on the phone.  This provides the client and accountant the feeling of meeting and greeting, without physically shaking hands.

All you need is a good Internet connection and a webcam and you are away.

In summary, you do not need a local accountant, which opens up your choice of accountant. Nimbus Accounting are a firm of forward looking qualified accountants based in Brighton & Hove, but service clients thought the UK. We offer fixed fee packages that include unlimited contact via Skype, so you are never on your own.   



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Are you that lazy that you need an Umbrella?

November 9, 2011 | By |

Your accountant in Brighton and Hove has decided to go head first into the blogging world with our first blog on umbrella companies.

An umbrella company, normally run by a firm of accountants, holds your contract and pays your through a payroll scheme, they also kindly repay some of your expenses you have incurred (how thoughtful). This is the same tax treatment as an employee, but the umbrella company/accountant charges you. Being in an umbrella company, apparently, helps with the IR35 substitution clause, but what about a reality check?

So, here you are in your umbrella company, paying tax as if you were an employee but not getting any of the perks. No holiday pay, no sick pay, no employer pension contribution and more importantly no annual staff Christmas party. However, with the new Agency Workers Regulations implemented on 1 October 2011, will you now be entitled to these benefit’s? It’s a grey area and it will be interesting to see how the legislation is interpreted. If you are going to get these benefits then why not become an employee with the job security and save on the accountant’s costs?

Our accountants at Nimbus have never understood why contractors or freelancers use an umbrella company. We can only assume that they think running their own limited company is too much hard work? Well we are here to tell you otherwise.

Most qualified accountants should take care of everything for you, that’s right, there is no extra work for you. An accountant, qualified of course, can take care of everything from the formation of your own company and all the statutory requirements.

Now for the sales pitch, please skip if you are happy with your current accountant!

Nimbus Accounting are qualified accountants that specialise in contractor/freelance clients and enjoy making their life easier, whilst increasing their monthly take home pay. We can take care of everything from forming a company, registering with HMRC for Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, dealing with Companies House, helping you open a bank account, setting you up with free accounting software, preparing your payroll, sending you dividend certificates and most importantly keeping your tax bill down. And the best part, all of this for only £99 + VAT per month.

If you would like one of our accountants to calculate how much better off you would be operating your own limited company, please email us for a free wealth check.  


By Nimbus

Welcome to my first Nimbus Blog

October 8, 2011 | By |

Welcome to our blog, here we aim to bring you information to help you make more money and pay less tax! All our blogs are written by members of our team for you and should all be relevant and useful. As with everything we do at Nimbus Accounting, the blogs will be divided into three subjects areas being either contractors/freelancers, owner run businesses or property owners.

We have some general subjects we wish to start with, to cover the basics, then going forward the blogs will be focused on current issues and common pitfalls clients commonly encounter. We welcome feed back and love to hear what you think about our blogs. If there is a topic you would like us to include, please let us know

Your Nimbus Accounting Team.