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Why we recommend Xero online accounting software to enhance the accountant/client relationship

January 10, 2012 | By |

Xero online accounting software

If your accountant has not recommended online accounting software to you, then perhaps it is time to ask why not! If you are still using Sage and frustrated, then Xero is probably the solution you are looking for. If you hate “doing your accounts” and keep falling behind, then Xero provides an easier way.


Why not visit Xero online accounting software at Xero is “in the cloud”, you can access your data anywhere and it is very user friendly. From the informative homepage to the automatic bank feeds, you will dramatically reduce the time it takes to update your financial records, compared to Sage or any spreadsheet. Furthermore, once the data is in Xero there are so many easy to access reports to view, you can start to really understand your company accounts and make informed decisions.

The main benefit to Xero is the bank reconciliation screen, here, rather than jumping between 5 screens (as in Sage), everything is on one page.  Xero also remembers how you previously analysed your expenses, so if the same expense appears twice, it will suggest how to post this transaction. You can also set up bank feeds whereby every night the previous days transactions are imported into Xero without you lifting a finger. This has the added benefit of keeping your accounts up to date and you don’t need to check your online banking to see if a client has paid, as this information is already in Xero.

Xero is not only great for tracking your accounts receivable (debtors) but can be used to forecast cashflows, so you know where you are. Invoices and statements can also be emailed directly from the software and repeat invoices can be set up so you never need worry about forgetting to invoice again.

Xero also has all the functions you would expect from an online accounting package, such as expenses claims, financial/management reports, multi-currency, fixed assets, VAT etc. There are also a host of Add-ons which integrate with Xero, such as inventory software and CRM. Xero really is a complete solution for your business.

At Nimbus Accounting, all of our accountants are Xero trained and can help implement Xero into your business, transfer data from your old accounting software and provide all the on-going training and support you need. We offer the software as part of our fixed rate packages. So if you are tired of paying to upgrade Sage, or find Sage support and your accountancy fees too expensive, then call us today for a free quote. You will be amazed how easy it is to transfer your business to Xero, the software that everyone is talking about!

Xero online accounting software