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By Nimbus

How to streamline you business with Xero, ReceiptBank and DropBox.

November 5, 2012 | By |

Are you the type of business owner that still keeps a bag of receipts? If this sounds familiar, then it is unlikely you are in complete control of your finances.

At Nimbus Accounting we help our clients develop a robust accounting system, which allows them to maintain all the necessary business records.  This not only gives our clients the peace of mind that everything is in order, but delivers the timely financial information to enable them to make informed decisions.

Our solution, that suits the majority of our clients, is a combination of three cloud based products.

We recommend Xero as your core financial management tool.  We believe it is so important that we include it at no extra cost in our fixed fee packages. Xero is an online accounting solution that will take care of your invoicing and account for all your business transactions.  Xero can download your bank transactions every evening, which allows you to keep track your financial position and performance. We have previously written about the many benefits of Xero, if you would like to find out more about what the software has to offer please follow this link –

Xero will handle all the transactions that go through the bank, but in order to digitise your purchase invoices, you will need to consider the services of ReceiptBank. ReceiptBank is, as the name suggests, a storage service that keeps all your receipts in one place.  More importantly, rather than you manually entering the details into Xero, ReceiptBank completes this for you, giving you more time to focus on growing your business. The company has developed an app which allows you to take a photo of a receipt and within 48 hours it will appear in Xero. You can also forward electronic receipts by email or put them in the post, so all formats are covered. Whichever method you use, all your receipts will be uploaded to the cloud, providing you with access to the original paperwork at all times.

Once you have Xero and Receipt Bank working in harmony, the final piece of cloud software you need is online file storage. There are an increasing number to choose from, one of the biggest and early entrants into this arena is DropBox. It offers you an initial 2GB of storage, which is sufficient to get you started. The facility enables you to save everything in the cloud and sync all your files on every device you use, giving you access to all your important documents wherever you are. You can even share specific folders with other users, such as your accountant, allowing those larger files that are to big to email to be easily shared.

Nimbus accounting can guide you through setting up your business to embrace cloud technology. We provide all the advice and support you require through our team of qualified accountants, who specialise in assisting entrepreneurs grow and manage their businesses.

If you want to know more about how we can help you, please call us on 01273 782 742 for a chat.